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Host an IAMTCS CFC Training Course

Programs that are interested in hosting a CFC Course should:


Please note:  Two IAMTCS Board member(s) and/or a IAMTCS faculty member(s) will be scheduled to come to your program to instruct the course. Once an instructor has been selected to be your liaison he/she will be in contact with you to begin the planning process.

  • Approval of course will be at the discretion of the IAMTCS Education Committee Chair or designee.
  • Consider contacting surrounding services to find out if they would be interested in sending personnel to the course.  If the course has 15 or more students registered, the host program will be refunded 1 student fee.
  • IAMTCS has provided a copy of this Course Coordinator’s manual to you at no charge.
  • If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the education committee chairman so they can be resolved quickly.

Deadlines for required documentation are as follows:


  • Course Contract – As soon as a date and course instructors are confirmed.
  • Registration forms – all students will register for the course via IAMTCS.org and all registrations must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the start of the course.
  • Payment of the preliminary fees at least 30 days prior to the course or subject to cancellation.

Deadlines are firm; however exceptions can be made at the discretion of both the course instructors and hosting agency.

Helpful Information:


The charge per participant for the host program for the IAMTCS Training Courses are $350 for the CFC Course and $450 for the Advanced Communicator Course (if the host program has 15 or more students, they will be refunded 1 student fee).  The cost for the Course Training Manual, testing materials, instructor fee and 3 years membership is included in the fees.  The difference of $50 for the host program fee has been set to cover any expenses for hosting the IAMTCS Course.  These expenses include but are not limited to meals/snacks, AV Rental, Meeting Rooms, etc.

In the past, some programs have received sponsorship from various local businesses to assist with expenses incurred.  An example would be if your vendor sponsored a meal.  Check with your service to see if this is an option.

Board Member Attendance

The board member(s) attending your course will also be your liaison during the planning of your course.  Most of our board members have hosted at least one or more CFC training courses and will be a wealth of knowledge in the planning of your course.  They will be more than happy to assist in planning the schedule and making the arrangements for the class and any other situations which may crop up.  Also the board member or IAMTCS faculty will provide you with a very highly professional and well organized instruction.

IAMTCS is responsible for the board and faculty member’s expenses and are included in the host program per student rate.  These expenses include but are not limited to travel (air or ground), taxi/rental car, hotel charges, and a per diem not to exceed $40 per day per instructor for the two course days as well as any travel day occurring 1 day before or after the course.

Some programs opt to host 2 courses in 1 week in order to have all their communicators attend the course.  In the event of a program hosting 2 separate courses, there must be board members in attendance at each course.  Our board members each hold a full-time position in a communication center and usually must take vacation time to attend these courses.  This is usually no problem except in the event of 2 courses within 1 week.  In this event one of two options are available.

  • The first option is that two teams of instructors, one for each course, will be utilized.
  • The second option is the utilization of 1 team of instructors for both courses.

It has been determined that our instructors teach these courses to ensure the integrity of the material, standardization of instruction as well as proctoring the test at the end of the course.  We are also there to answer any questions and provide any information about IAMTCS since you’ve worked so hard to support the organization and invest in your communicators.

Announcing the Course

IAMTCS will post all contracted courses on our website: www.IAMTCS.org, on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/IAMTCS.org, on Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media outlets that we have access to. We will also, if time allows, publish and email distribute a flyer that describes the course and announces any upcoming course dates.  We can not however publish this information until we receive the documentation and payment as described previously.

If you have already completed the website information document and emailed or faxed it to IAMTCS then you may disregard.  If you are planning on announcing this course on your service’s web site, we can link to that site if you would like.

As for the registration form, please utilize the online form that is found on the IAMTCS website.  This form contains information which we utilize for our record keeping.  Every participant must complete this form in its entirety.

You are encouraged to advertise to other flight services in your area and beyond.  Some programs send out letters, others send out flyers.  An example letter is included in this document. It is recommended to also contact these services by phone as mail can frequently be misrouted.

Selecting the Course Site

When selecting a site to hold the course, make sure you have access to audio-visual aids such as slide projectors, overhead projectors, Power Point, etc. It is a good idea to have microphone amplification available for those in the back of the room, especially in a larger class setting. The classroom should be set up for note taking during the lectures. Be sure to have an area available to practice map skills with divs and room to move about.  Remember to get contact information in case you incur any problems with the meeting room or rented AV equipment the day of the course.


For the hotel, select a location which caters to the business traveler. Contact the hotel in advance to set up a block of rooms specifically for the course. Remember to reserve rooms for the IAMTCS instructors as well as any out of town participants.  Many times hotels will give a discounted room rate for the block of rooms.  Consider if the hotel provides transportation to and from the local airport.  Keep in mind the location of the hotel in proximity to restaurants and the course site. If the course is being held outside the hotel, consider looking into arranging transportation to and from the course site.


Providing meals for participants is optional. Most hosting sites provide a continental breakfast and snacks.  Lunch and dinner is usually on the participant. Consider having a variety of suggestions for local restaurants.  That way the participants can choose whatever taste they desire. If you choose to provide meals, breakfast is usually some sort of continental breakfast including juice, coffee, Danish’s, bagels, etc. For morning breaks, consider just refilling the continental breakfast spread.  Lunch can be anything from the brown bag type to as elaborate as you desire. For afternoon breaks, consider cookies and sodas or water.

As to help absorb some of the cost, some programs have sought sponsorship from various community businesses. Check with your program to see if this is accepdiv.

Receipt of Registrations

All registrations and payments for course will be handled by IAMTCS.


In the event of participant cancellation a full refund will be provided unless manual has already been sent; if manual has been sent and received a fee of $85.00 will be deducted from the refund. Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to the course start date. Exceptions to this will be determined by the IAMTCS education committee and the host program.

The day before the course, check with the hotel to see who has checked-in. Verify all catering and room reservations for the course. Verify all audio-visual equipment is available and the time it will be ready. If you have arranged for transportation to the course site from the hotel, verify the time and location of pick-up.

The First Day

Arrive at the course location early to make sure everything is set up as you requested and in working order. If there are any problems, resolve them as quickly as possible. It’s a good idea to have registration forms on site at the class for completion as necessary.

Consider having name tags for the participants. They can write their own or you can have them already printed. We’ve attached a template at the end of this manual for your use if you choose.

After the Course

We are always interested in feedback from our course coordinators on how we can improve the course. Please include any ideas or thoughts on how we can better prepare you, the course coordinator for the course.

Thank you once again for your interest in hosting a IAMTCS CFC Training Course. If you need further information email education@iamtcs.org or call (262) 409-8884 [M-F, 0800-1700 EST]


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